Second blog post.

Okay, I’m new to this.  I’m not particularly tech-savvy so this page will, in all likelihood, be buggy as fuck, at least to start with.  I am therefore depending on YOU faithful and probably non-existant reader, to help me out.  Specifically, if you are having any trouble commenting on any of these posts, please let me know.  My intention is for all comments to appear immediately and uncensored.  If your post does not appear immediately, please tweet me at @gospeloftrev

I will then have a look at the settings and try to fix the problem.

On a related note, I feel I should take a moment to briefly spell out the comments policy on this blog.  Here it is:

No spam.

That’s it.  If you’re spamming some bullshit product your post will be deleted and I will petition the internet gods to see that you die young, alone, and thoroughly unloved, but that you’ll still manage to outlive every single member of your family and all your pets.

I don’t like spammers.

Apart from that, there are no comment rules.  This may change.  I have a fairly high tolerance for trolls so long as you’re funny and interesting, but the odds are that this entire blog will just be an exercise in screaming into the void and no-one will ever read it anyway.




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