Hi.  I’m Trevor.  I’m from the UK, I’m a web developer, and I’m barrelling towards 40 at an evermore alarming rate.  In my spare time I write short stories, play guitar, cook stuff, and live in a state of uneasy truce with my cat, Voldemort.  If you met him, you’d understand.

I’m a bit of a bookworm.  About five years ago, after a lifetime of reading pretty much nothing, I made a New Year’s resolution to read a book a month and I quickly realised just how much I preferred reading to watching TV.  Nowadays, I tend to read about 2 or 3 books a week and I consider it a massive improvement.  The only shows I make time for these days are Game of Thrones and Doctor Who.  I think a lot of people are put off reading because they have an idea of the sort of books they’re “supposed” to like and, when they try them and find them too difficult, too boring, or just too pretentious, they think “I guess reading just isn’t for me” and they give up.  This is sad, because there are so many great books out there.  It’s just a matter of finding the ones you like.  The way I see it, everyone, without exception, likes a good story.  It’s written into our DNA.  If you don’t like an author, that isn’t a failing on your part, it just means you and the author disagree on what makes a good story and you need to keep looking.  My favourite writers are, in no particular order:  Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, Edith Wharton, Philip Roth, Neil Gaiman, P.G. Wodehouse, J.K. Rowling, Mervyn Peake, China Mieville, and Margaret Atwood.

Ever since I was fifteen, I’ve suffered from regular panic attacks.  At times, they’re a burden I can easily shoulder; at others they make life damn near unliveable.  A panic attack is a difficult thing to describe to someone who has never had one.  I’ve been through a few scary things in my time.  I’ve given a best man’s speech in front of 200 people, I’ve had major surgery, I’ve been chased through sketchy council estates by gangs looking for someone to beat up just for the hell of it.  These are all scary things.  None of them are one tenth of one percent as frightening as a full-blown panic attack.  The first time I had one I called an ambulance because I was 100% convinced I was seconds away from dying.  Even today, it takes all my mental strength not to rush to hospital when I get an attack.  The worst thing is that, for me, there are no obvious triggers.  People with social anxiety know what situations are likely to bring on a panic attack.  I have no idea whatsoever.  For all I know, I could have one in the next ten seconds, or I could be panic free for the next few days.  I mention all this because sometimes I’ll be blogging about my condition, both as a therapeutic outlet and in the vain hope that my experiences may help other sufferers.

I’ll also be blogging about politics.  Politically I’m centre left economically, and libertarian socially.  I think that any society which doesn’t treat its weakest members with dignity is a society which suffers from a significant moral failing.  I think that consenting adults should have the right to live as they see fit provided they don’t infringe on other people’s right to do the same.  I’m a skeptical agnostic, a utilitarian, an epiphenomenalist (the mind is just a product of what the brain does), and a strong proponent of animal rights.

I consider myself to be a fairly PC guy, but I find modern day PC culture in Britain to be generally well-intentioned, but occasionally guilty of causing more problems than it solves.  I strongly dislike the growing tendency among University students to “no-platform” controversial, or downright bigoted speakers rather than tackling them head-on.  I firmly believe sunlight is the best disinfectant, and I’ll probably be blogging about that fairly often as well.

That’s pretty much all there is to know about me.  I hope you like the blog, and if you don’t I look forward to corresponding with you in the comments.