I’m a Twit!

Yes, after nearly 40 years of not being on Twitter, I have finally given in and signed up.  Now, I don’t much like Twitter.  I consider it to be something of a necessary evil.  There’s a lot of arguments on Twitter and, while I do enjoy a good argument, I don’t think they’re best conducted in a medium which caps your remarks at 140 characters.  Arguing on Twitter is like two guys on trampolines yelling at each other over a fence, so I probably won’t be using it all that much, and when I do, it’ll probably be to share dumb memes, pictures of my cat, and to let people know when I’ve got a new post up.  Still, if you want to follow me anyway, you can find me at:


As always, retweets don’t equal endorsements, the views expressed are mine and mine alone etc…


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